Meet The Writer

Pretending to take notes at a Roman theatre in Israel.

WELCOME TO MY CORNER. I’m Emily, I believe in Jesus, and I’m here to shine my lantern through the mist as you sail by.

The Wise Old Owl says that people don’t have anything to say until they’re at least thirty, so let’s pretend I’m thirty. I answer to many names (some of them wildly misleading): Em Gem, Shorty, Cinderella, Two Bits, Emmeline, Half Pint, Flint, Amelia Bedelia… My brother-in-law calls me The Second Wife when he wants me to make him a cup of tea, and my niece called me Mama when she was a baby. You can guess why the IT guy calls me Grandma when I ask for technical support.

I pretend to be an intellectual (don’t let me fool you though). The Book of Job is my specialty. I write articles on the side for a magazine, and I’m A Short Author of A Short Story, which didn’t win any prizes. (I told my friend, Mel, “I don’t know how to finish this.” She said, “Leave it unfinished. It might be brilliant that way.” So I did, and it wasn’t.)

This blog is mainly an experiment in journalism and creative nonfiction. Mainly. 

Jesus was not the most attractive person, and He was no stranger to suffering, so I’ll try to keep it real here.

Hope you leave richer 🙂

XO Emily