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MUCH AS I ENJOY EDITING, research, and narrative, one of my goals this summer is to get away from the keyboard–to lie fallow for a season, figuratively speaking.

I have one pet project pending (a future blog post about a couple who smuggled Bibles into North Africa during the Arab Spring). It’s been waiting a long time already, and I plan to finish it sometime this year, because it’s a story that begs to be told and one that I’ve begged to tell for years, but it will have to wait a while longer until I can give it the attention it deserves.

Also, you might notice that my essay on The Book of Job–the star content of this blog–has mysteriously disappeared from its page on the main menu. I don’t know how that happened. This blog was created as a platform for my essay on The Book of Job, so losing it is a bit of a disaster, but I’m going to dust off my notes and rewrite it for Yom Kippur, and it will be better than before.

Now that I’ve raised your expectations, I’ll have to deliver.

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There are good things to come.